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Pig Ears, Nose, and Tail Set

  • STAND OUT: “OINK!!!” With standing up ears, snout, and an attachable tail, this set will have you looking like you escaped the farm! Good thing you aren’t just a normal pig but you are “SOME PIG.”

  • ANY OCCASION: Whether it be a Birthday, Halloween Party, Family Gag, Cosplay Convention, or just for Dress-up, this Pig Set will serve as a quick and easy costume! The perfect prop for any occasion!

  • EASY COSTUME: Complete with an Ears Headband, Snout with elastic string, and a Tail with Velcro to attach to any belt loop, this Pig set will have you ready in minutes!

  • STYLISH DESIGN: Made with Soft Light and Dark pink Polyester, this Pig Set design is one to be bragged about. No matter what the occasion you will get the last words in! “TH-TH-THAT’S ALL FOLKS!”

  • QUALITY: Made from 100% Soft Polyester. Hand-Wash Only.

Product Features

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